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Your wardrobe choose vertical hinged door or sliding door ?

Published by SZCF April 09,2022

Wardrobe,the leading role in life. The holder of clothes and quilt depend on it.When it comes to the wardrobe door, you choose sliding door or vertical hinged door?Let's analyze that.

sliding door bearing

The finished wardrobe is almost with a vertical hinged door ,height between 2 and 2.2m. But this height is awkward, because the storey height of general house is in 2.8~3m, except ground cage, floor, partial condole supports also has 2.60m space left, this will cause esthetic  effection.Vertical hinged door feature is as below:

Advantage: leakproofness is better and price is much cheaper than sliding door.

Weakness: the height of the door has limitation.If the door is too high must do separate door body , greatly reduce the integral effect .

The internal layout of the wardrobe is critical to avoid problems such as clothes-hanging areas being blocked, and if the clothes are too full, it can be difficult to switch on and off. Sliding door bearing just slides on a slide,need not  rotate around an axis by opening the door.

Advantage: take little space.Even if there is something close the wardrobe,it also can open easily.Just slide the Sliding door bearing on the rail.

Defect:there is gap between the door doors, moisture resistance is weaker than vertical hinged door.The rail inside is not very easily to clear up.

According to the home area to choose different door. Because the two kinds of doors open in different ways, sliding door is opened by slide Sliding door bearing , It only need a line space.Vertical hinged door is always opened by 90 degrees even 180 degree, so if small space ,you should choose sliding door, Big space of course choose vertical hinged door.Vertical hinged door is a little easily to repair.Just two hinges ,maybe add two handles.But if sliding door is broken out,you may not repair by yourself.The inside construction is more difficult.

Choose the door according to the individual habit,if you like to open all wardrobe door to look for clothes ,you may like vertical hinged door.If you use sliding door,even if you install three or four door.Whatever,but you can only open one door at one time.And you can not see your all clothes at a look.

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