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Why we need to use sliding door buffer/damper?

Published by SZCF April 09,2022

In modern household more and more families use sliding door products,  If everyone discovers that the pulley is too smooth and impact the door frame because of the inertia.It will send out a voice like “pa”, if there is a baby is sleeping will be easily to wake up by this kind of voice. It brings a few trouble to the life more or less .If you want to solve the crash, the best thing to do is to mount wardrobe sliding door buffer(also can call it wardrobe sliding door damper).The function of wardrobe sliding door buffer is prevent the strong impact to side panel when sliding door slowly shut down as it will arrive in the side panel automatically buffer. Therefore,sliding door won't rebound,and it will be closed in silent.

sliding door buffer

General wardrobe sliding door buffer is suitable for sliding door, wardrobe door, glass door, corridor partition sliding door and other sliding door buffer closure and positioning.

sliding door buffer

Generally speaking, there are two ways to install wardrobe sliding door buffer.The buffer is installed on the upper track , The second is to install the down track.Of course different buffer may have different  installation ways.But the final aim is the same,to keep the door silent when it is closed.

sliding door buffer

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