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What's a glass door wardrobe? Glass door and glass door sliding fitting

Published by SZCF April 09,2022

Custom closet doors are usually divided into two types: swing doors or sliding doors, 80% of them use wood decorative panels, young people who are pursuing innovation, like to try new things, wood decorative panel doors may not meet their ideas.Therefore, recently popular glass cabinet doors, such as black, dark brown stained glass cabinet doors and Changhong glass cabinet doors, are widely used in wardrobes and cloakrooms.Some manufacturers have also produced some corresponding fittings for this purpose-glass door sliding fittings.


glass door sliding fitting


Compared with the wood cabinet door, the glass cabinet door can be more environmentally friendly, without having to consider the problem of formaldehyde exceeding the standard, but it looks high-end atmosphere and reflection effect, which can make the space appear more fully displayed. General transparent glass cabinet door, you can choose black, brown, to avoid visual clutter. If you use glass cabinet door, you can use glass door sliding fitting-rails to divide some areas inside the wardrobe, so will be more orderly.


glass door sliding fitting


No matter what kind of glass is selected as the cabinet door, tempered glass is used, and the glass cabinet door has higher requirements for the corresponding hardware accessories. The trip wheels and accessories of the following set of glass door sliding fittings are made of steel and plastic, the raw material of the track is aluminum. glass door sliding fitting's characteristics are Silence and soft close, the door weight the glass door sliding fitting can bear is 35 kg, and the length of the track is 2 or 3 meters or customized.


glass door sliding fitting


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