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Maintenance for closet rail track

Published by SZCF April 09,2022

If the hinge is the heart of the cabinet, the closet rail track is the kidney. Whether big and small drawer is free smooth ground push-pull, bearing how, all depend on the support of closet rail track.At present, there are two common styles of roller type closet rail track and ball type closet rail track in the market. When the choose and buy can pull drawer, press with the hand a little bit forcibly above, see whether can loose, generate 'kuang' voice or turn over, good pulley, when pushing drawer, should be without acerbity feeling, without noise.

closet rail track

The way of maintenance: add lubricating oil regularly, if stained with water, dry with dry soft cloth; Checking if there are any fine particles on the closet rail track from time to time, clean it up in time, so as not to damage the closet rail track.

In order to extend the life of the cabinet , the hardware fittings choice of high grade is very important, late maintenance job cannot ignore as well, come down so, still can leave a large sum of maintenance cost.

closet rail track

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