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For wardrobes, sliding door rollers or hinge, which is better?

Published by SZCF April 09,2022

Wardrobes are now become indispensable piece of furniture that we usually need, and it is needed by almost every household. But when we buy a wardrobe, the problem comes as well. Usually we are tangled, is it better to slide-to-close the door or to slam the door? Let ’s compare the differences between sliding door rollers mechanism and traditional hinge door.

sliding door rollers
1, Wardrobe with sliding door roller mechanism

Sliding door wardrobes are mainly moved by a sliding system, also known as sliding door rollers mechanism.




        a. It doesn't take up space. Compared with traditional wardrobe door, it is more adaptable to the home with small space.


        b. Fashionable appearance, different materials, and more choices of colors and patterns.


        c. Silent. With high quality ball bearing rollers and soft closing dampers, the doors can be opened and closed in a silent way.




        a. Irrational size and incorrect installation are the two factors that cause the sliding door rollers to be broken easily. If the sliding door system cannot move smoothly, we need to change another set. Please make sure the installation is strictly under instruction. Any doubts during installation, please contact us. 

        b. The sliding rails is easy to be dusty and difficult to get cleaned up. Remove the door under instruction and do the cleanning job.

2, Traditional hinge doors for wardrobe




        a. Good leakproofness.


        b. Durable.


        c. Easy to use. (You can tidy your clothes with all doors opened.)




        a. Height of wardrobe doors are limited. 


        b. Space taken and not convenient for SOLO.

sliding door rollers
In general, We move the door horizontally through sliding door roller to open or close a wardrobe.  We can also open or close a wardrobe through hinges. Sliding door roller systems or hinges have their own advantages. Only by truly understanding your needs can you make the best choice on a wardrobe. 


Extension: based on what to choose a proper wardrobe?


1. Area of Interior space

        The two door opening methods are different, the sliding door roller moves horizontally, and the traditional door is usually opened by 90°or more. Obviously, sliding door roller mechanism suites both narrow and larger space.


2. Decoration style

        In general, sliding door roller mechanism is better for modern simplicity and more IKEA Nordic styles, and European and Chinese styles furniture are better of traditional doors.


3. Service life

        The service life of a sliding door roller system wardrobe is mainly determined by the quality of the wardrobe itself as well as the hardware accessories, and of course, the personal use and maintenance.

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